Microsoft announces the upcoming release of Office 2021 for Windows and MacOS

Microsoft is announcing the upcoming release of Office 2021. This new version of the famous suite of office tools will be available in two versions, one for individuals and the other for businesses. Office 2021, which will be launched this year, targets users who prefer to install the suite on their PC rather than using the cloud version (for example for data protection reasons).

With the new version of Office, Microsoft promises a better user interface and new features, including a dark mode. Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be improved in terms of accessibility, says the supplier. Excel will notably welcome new dynamic tables and an automatic search function (called Xlookup).

Support for Office 2021 is only guaranteed for five years (compared to seven years for the latest Office 2019 version). Business versions will also be more expensive, with Microsoft charging 10% more than the previous version.


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