Microsoft announces Windows 11 update with security improvements for businesses

Andrei Siles

[email protected] | Tuesday September 20, 2022 04:16 pm

Focused on improving security for telecommuters and hybrid workforces, Microsoft released the latest update to its Windows 11 operating system in 190 countries on Tuesday.

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One of the new features to strengthen the cybersecurity of devices is Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, capable of identifying the moment a user enters their Microsoft credentials in a malicious application or cloned website, generating an alert.

Smart App Control is also presented as a useful feature for small, medium and large companies, which can block the execution of applications that do not have the Windows 11 security filter, preventing users from accessing unauthorized tools. organization.

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Also, through artificial intelligence technology, this feature can predict the risk of an application in real time before running on the device, representing a solution for companies that do not have device management tools such as Microsoft Intune.