Microsoft begins to predict the next Xbox

Microsoft begins to predict the next Xbox

The journalist Brad Sams has dropped some small pearls on what Microsoft holds for the future. It follows the brand’s evolution constantly regarding the consoles and in general the latter is particularly well informed. According to him, the project of lafuture console of the firm of Redmond is identified under the code name: Scarlett. A future console under the code name Scarlett Brad Sams said that the launch of this new console would be expected by 2020. At the Microsoft conference at E3, Phil Spencer confirmed that yes the project was already on the way but, he generally refused to enter in the details. He just wanted to point out that Xbox One X engineering teams were at work. Finally, communication requires, he said that Microsoft was going to keep the commitment to provide the best game console. ” A different speech would be surprising. One or more consoles? The interesting detail is elsewhere, however. Spencer used the plural to talk about the future machine of Microsoft. Thus suggesting that it could be several different machines, a appliance family “. It is still unclear if the trend is next gen, with or without backward compatibility or a more powerful version of the Xbox One X. All options are still possible until Microsoft says more. On the side of the capabilities of the equipment, however, little information has filtered for the time being. The focus should be on artificial intelligence, but without much knowledge. Finally, Microsoft should also launch a new streaming gaming service at the same time as this machine. However, the horizon of 2020 is still distant, so it will be necessary not to be in a hurry. One of the goals for Microsoft must however be to arrive before the Sony PS5 that many believe to 2021. The race is launched.

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