Microsoft brings workspaces to the Edge browser

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(MENAFN- Youm7) Microsoft is introducing Workspaces on its Edge browser for a limited public preview, a productivity feature that enables users to organize and share several browser tabs that they use frequently.
The company announced the feature at the Ignite conference in October.
What are Microsoft Edge workspaces? Microsoft Edge Workspaces is a collaborative feature that allows users to group and name multiple tabs, and then group them together via a link so that they can be accessed by multiple people.
Workspaces are similar to tab groups in Google Chrome and the Edge Groups feature that allows users to save and organize web pages, but workspaces allow users to share them.
How will it work? The Workspaces tab can be accessed in the upper left corner of the browser screen.

When users click on it, they will get the option to compose, name the workspace, and set a color for easy reference.

Users can then add tabs in the group and then share them with anyone.
For example, you are planning to assemble a computer and are looking to purchase components online.
You can move different tabs using the Workspace feature and send the list of tabs to your friend who is a computer expert or engineer.
So instead of opening different links one by one, he/she can quickly open the link and launch the different tabs to give you advice.
Since this feature also syncs between users allowing different users to update or edit a group of tabs simultaneously, an expert can add a tab with better options without much hassle.
Edge Workspaces privacy features Microsoft also said it doesn’t share users’ logins, passwords, downloads, collections, extensions, or cookies.

Furthermore, when users share a link to bulk tabs, the company will not share the sender’s personal browser settings, such as appearance or search engine.
The company also says that no tabs or data will be shared from outside the Edge workspace.

Furthermore, group members who share an Edge workspace will not see how the sender interacts with an open web page.


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