Microsoft Edge is installing Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Windows without warning Video

The direction Microsoft is taking for its new flagship browser, Edge, seems exploratory and difficult to anticipate, especially with actions like those that have just been reported since the beginning of October: the installation of PWA applications from Office in the PC Y laptops of users.

To understand the matter, we must first clarify that the WEIGHT —Or calls too progressive web apps– They are a type of programs that work without depending on an executable (.exe), but thanks to the environment provided by a browser such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge itself.

Progressive web applications can be complex, but it is enough to understand that they can be opened as is a common program, in a separate window and offer functions like any other application. They may even appear in the list of installed programs in Windows 10Of course, when you open them, their operation is based on a browser session, although it may not seem like it.

The issue now is that Microsoft Edge has been deploying the PWA installation for the most popular programs of its office suite: Office. Precisely from Word, Excel, PowerPoint Y Outlook, completely free.

The action happens without warning, and has been seen by some users both on the list of Installed Applications Edge, as in the Windows start menu. In the latter, they appear as programs installed by the user, something that can cause alerts and suspicions of viruses.

The WEIGHT Office are not great news, since they are the same that appear if we enter some of these web addresses, from which they will ask us to log in with a Microsoft account to use the tools:

The worrying point of this measure is that it could open a new door of insecurity by simply allowing applications to be installed remotely and without user authorization. On the other hand, it would also allow a possible new model of distribution of applications in Windows that is not very detectable. Some developers may pay for their apps to be installed without notice and appear in the PC Y laptops of thousands of users.

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