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Microsoft employees criticize Alibaba founder Jack Ma-Backed 996 China Work Culture: Report

Jack Ma has suggested that people should work 72 hours a week or 12 hours a day for 6 days.

San Francisco:

A group of Microsoft employees have chosen to support Chinese tech workers in the grueling "culture" by formulating a petition to defend a China cited GitHub repository.

In a letter via Microsoft's Github webhosting service, employees have asked the company to uncensored the GitHub repository "996.ICU," The Verge reported Monday.

The repository "996.ICU" is an indication of the working hours being protested by tech workers in China – from 9am to 9pm six days a week.

The intensive care unit refers to employees who work in these difficult times and eventually end up in the intensive care unit of the hospitals.

"The repository" 996.ICU "was founded in March by Chinese technicians protesting against extreme congestion," the report said.

The "996" philosophy was endorsed by tech billionaire and Alibaba founder Jack Ma.

Several local Chinese browsers have already blocked access to 996.ICU, including Tencent, Alibaba, Xiaomi and Qihoo 360.

Microsoft, which owns GitHub, has not yet blocked the repository.

"We, the workers of Microsoft and GitHub, support the 996.ICU movement and are in solidarity with the tech workers in China, and we know that this is a problem that crosses national borders," the petitioner wrote.

"Another reason why we have to show solidarity with Chinese workers is the story that multinational companies will challenge workers in a race to outsource jobs and use weak labor standards to drive for profit," they added ,

Microsoft employees urged Chinese technology companies to comply with local labor laws that limit their employees to 40 hours a week.

"We encourage Microsoft and GitHub to keep the GitHub 996.ICU repository uncensored and available to all," they said.

Because 996.ICU is hosted on GitHub, the repository can not be blocked at the network level without blocking the entire site. This would be a disaster for Chinese software developers.

"The final decision on whether or not to risk China's access to GitHub lies with Microsoft, which has not been clear on the protests so far," the report added.

Alibaba founder Ma has suggested that people in China should work 72 hours a week, or 12 hours a day, for six days.

"If we find things we like, 996 is not a problem, if you (your work) do not like, every minute is torture," he said in a blog post.

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