Microsoft Finally Releases Windows 11 Beta Version, Interested in Trying it?, Jakarta – Microsoft has finally released the first beta version of Windows 11 for those in the Windows Insider Program. For information, for now, Windows 11 can actually be downloaded, but can only be accessed in the Dev Channel version.

Quoted from The Verge, Sunday (1/8/2021), Microsoft said the Dev Channel is intended for users who have technical capabilities, because this version is still not stable and has a number of bug.

While the Beta version, according to Microsoft, is intended for users early adopter who want to try Windows 11. Besides being more stable than the Dev Channel version, this update has also been validated by Microsoft.

Therefore, the presence of this Beta version can at least answer the curiosity of users who want to try Windows 11. However, it is still recommended to install it on a secondary device, considering that the beta version is actually still not perfect.

For Windows 10 users who want to try out this Beta Channel version, they just need to register through the Windows Insider Program. After success, users just follow the next steps to start downloading Windows 11.

To note, Microsoft officially launched Windows 11 last month. The new operating system is claimed to be 40 percent lighter and more efficient than the previous version.

“And most importantly, Windows 11 is the most secure,” Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay said at the June 2021 Microsoft Windows Event.

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