Microsoft is already developing it: new chip should make the Internet safe again


Microsoft In the upcoming Internet of Things, I do not want to repeat the mistakes of the early days of the Internet revolution, when all were still blue-eyed and amazed at the possibilities that could open up a worldwide network. Today, not only billions of emails are sent per day, whole industries live on the Internet, it is about personal data, apps, databases, online accounts or jobs. Everything is only more or less well protected against hacker attacks. Ransomware encrypts computer or smartphone and releases data only for ransom, bank accounts are looted, tax returns stolen, loans taken with stolen data, lives ruined. All this, says Microsoft Chief Justice Brad Smith, should not happen on the Internet of Things. While people in the “old” Internet have communicated with each other, in the Web of Things even machines without supervision will communicate with each other and with people. Everything gets a new dimension. By 2030, the number of networked devices, from robotic cars to toys, will reach over 30 billion, according to market researchers. That’s why Smith, who is otherwise negotiating with politicians and lobbyists in Washington, came to San Francisco this week for this year’s RSA Security Conference to underline the importance of the recent initiative. Microsoft has developed a new chip design that should not only be completely secure, but can also get the latest security software over the Internet at any time. The chip, half the size of a thumbnail, is practically a full-fledged computer and can be integrated into networked toasters, refrigerators, webcams, toys, cars, drones, smartphones or televisions.


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