Microsoft is transforming the Surface Duo into a handheld console

The company is exploiting the potential of the two displays, spoiling it all with the power of their cloudy gaming service.


Back in the summer of last year, Microsoft announced its ultramobile device, called Surface Duo, running a modified Android 10, which was far from a cheap solution, and that probably contributed to the fact that it didn’t impress the market so much.


Nonetheless, it is unique in its category, and the positive thing is that the Redmond company is constantly improving the software background so that it gets new features from time to time. The system is currently being transformed into a handheld console, as the latest update to the Xbox Cloud Gaming app for Android allows one display to act simply as a virtual gamepad, while the other can display reported content.

Xbox Touch Controls is not currently supported by all games, but compatible titles can be found on the page below, and the list is likely to expand in the future.


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