Business Microsoft makes a promise of 'negative carbon'

Microsoft makes a promise of ‘negative carbon’


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Satya Nadella made the promise on Thursday

Microsoft is committed to removing “all carbon” from the environment it has emitted since the company was founded in 1975.

Executive President Satya Nadella said he wanted to reach the goal by 2050.

To do so, the company will become “negative carbon” by 2030, removing more carbon from the environment than it emits.

It surpasses rival Amazon cloud computing, which is intended to be “carbon neutral” by 2040.

“When it comes to carbon, neutrality is not enough,” said Microsoft President Brad Smith.

The announcement was very well received by environmentalists who said it showed that Microsoft was thinking of a broader view of climate change and not just its own role.

But Elizabeth Jardim, a leading Greenpeace activist, warned that Microsoft still needed to address its ongoing relationship with the oil and gas companies.

“While there is much to celebrate in Microsoft’s announcement, a big vacuum is not resolved: Microsoft’s expanding efforts to help fossil fuel companies drill more oil and gas with machine learning and other artificial intelligence technologies.” , said.

Microsoft’s plan is even more aggressive than those taken by other technology companies. It puts Microsoft 20 years ahead of its previous plan to become carbon neutral.

The manufacturing and data storage centers of technology companies generate large amounts of carbon emissions.

Microsoft said it planned to reduce emissions created directly by the company and its entire supply chain by 2039 by half.

The company will continue to create carbon emissions, but the company said it would invest in technology such as carbon sequestration to compensate for the problem.

Microsoft said its data centers and other facilities would use 100% renewable energy by 2025.


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