Monuments such as the Sagrada Familia, the Roman Colosseum or Notre Dame Cathedral, fictitious worlds such as Poniente, Middle Earth or Hogwarts Castle and, in general, any known place or building has been or can be recreated within Minecraft. Now, it has been the proper Microsoft, owner of the brand and its creative studio, Mojang, which he has used the popular videogame to recreate his office megacampus.

More specifically, what was built in the Education Edition of the video game is the new version of the campus that Microsoft plans to have ready in 2022. And is that its office complex in Redmond will be expanded with 18 additional buildings, commercial stores and cricket and soccer fields. As a curiosity and for employees to go through a pixilated version of future offices, the company has commissioned Blockworks this recreation accessible by all video game owners.

Blockworks is a company specializing in the "minecraftian" recreation of real locations that has worked in bringing the Disneyland amusement park or the London Museum to the videogame. In this article of the official blog of Microsoft a review is made of the process of downloading and installing this map and highlights some of its most interesting places such as the sports courts. These are the images published by the company:

The campus of Redmond will have, in 2022, an extension of 740,000 square meters and will house around 50,000 employees. The company is investing billions of dollars to reshape its current site, collapsing some of the old buildings to create larger ones.

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