Microsoft revives ‘beloved’ Word helper clip

What need? Clippy returns as an emoji. Maybe it’s not so annoying anymore.

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20, 2021

1 min read

Do you remember when you did homework in high school and the annoying clip (Clippy) It appeared in your Word document to offer you help and you struggled to be able to remove it or change it for the puppy? Well for some reason Microsoft has decided to revive the wizard.

That’s how it is. In accordance with The Verge, the tech company introduced new emojis for its Office programs and brought Clippy back.

According to the Microsoft blog, it has more than 1,800 emojis and some of them have been added this week such as the Office family assistant. In this way, Clippy will replace the original clip emoji in Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 products.

Clippy appeared in 1995 but due to its low popularity it was removed from Microsoft Office in 2001.



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