Microsoft seeks feedback for its screen recording, video editing and GIF creation tool

Record screen of our PC The laptop It has never been a bigger problem in Windows 10 thanks to its wide availability of third-party software dedicated to that task. Even so, in Microsoft have decided to develop their own and latest alternative, a tool that will also allow creating gifs Y edit videos, but with the help of users.

It is valid to remember that an application of this nature has not been present in Microsoft (factory) for some time. The most similar was Windows Movie Maker, whose support – as part of the Windows Essentials package – ended in January 2017 and is not available for Windows 10 either.

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Refering to screen recordingThe closest thing that came out of the Redmond factory was the functionality to record game from the Xbox bar (Xbox Game Bar) which, despite offering us the functionality, is intended for games and can only record one program at a time.

Among the best known alternatives to record screen in Windows 10 are free programs (or with trial versions) such as OBS Studio, Bandicam or Camtasia. Many of these may no longer be necessary for some users as of 2021, the date on which this new Microsoft application is expected to arrive.

The tool will be part of the application collection PowerToys, a Microsoft project that was reborn in 2019 for Windows 10 and is licensed by MIT (from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The program will be light as it is designed for productivity.

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How to install the package

Microsoft Look for feedback from PowerToys users, a package that you can install at this link. To give or review opinions, you can enter this other.

Current possibilities and limitations

Among other details of the application, in its current state, we can highlight that it will allow you to record the screen from any state and from any program that is running, with a view of the mouse, in addition to editing videos and easily exportable GIFS.

One of the current limitations is that the videos we capture cannot be used for create GIFs, although a double execution of the program could be achieved. We can also select only a portion for the process and copy the results to the clipboard. The latter will be useful if we want to create quick tutorials and share them on platforms that allow this format, such as WhatsApp Y Facebook.

Another important point is its easy access. Like other tools immersed in Windows 10, to open the screen recording and creation of GIFs we will only have to press the key combination Win + Shift + R.

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