Microsoft stopped supporting Home and Pro editions Windows 10 version 20H2

By Anonymous:

By Anonymous: It is perhaps right that the Windows 10 version designations resemble those of infectious diseases.

What a stupid comment. Someone’s out for an OS Flame again.

No, this doesn’t seem like a schoolchild comment to me. Microsoft and the ex-CEO of that company are involved in medical experiments in third world countries with regard to vaccines instead of carrying out healthy knowledge transfer with regard to medicine and agriculture in those countries. Gates and his ex have profited heavily from corrupt government officials and populations crippled by war, disease and poverty: The infamous mirrors-and-beads story with promises of mountains of gold: Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.Something this man and employees are still very proud of despite the many deaths.
It therefore seems very likely that those number/number combinations indirectly refer to the aforementioned ‘side functions’ of this tech company.

By the way, I have enjoyed using Windows for many years. The OS is very versatile and stability of their hardware drivers are by far the best compared to other OS’s.
Only, you need to know how to ‘tame’ and tweak Windows, because out-of-the-box it is unwieldy, slow and insecure. And the default firewall largely lives its own life, a mortal sin. And a lot of unnecessary and especially unsolicited junk such as Edge, Speech and other bloatware.