Microsoft to Create AI Legal and Regulatory Experts Team for Responsible AI Development

The company plans to create a team of AI legal and regulatory experts in different regions of the world.

Microsoft has announced its commitment to developing “responsible” artificial intelligence (AI) in response to concerns about its power and potential to cause harm.

To that end, the company plans to create a team of AI legal and regulatory experts in different regions of the world and will share their insights and learnings on the implementation of this technology.

To help its customers on their “responsible journey” with AI, Microsoft is committed to sharing key documents, such as its “Responsible AI Standard,” AI Impact Assessment templates, and step-by-step guides on implementing its AI approach. responsible for design.

In addition, the company will provide an AI education and training plan and will develop specific resources to answer customer questions, reports Europa Press.

The technology company will also create an AI assurance program to assure its customers that the AI ​​applications they implement on Microsoft platforms meet legal and regulatory requirements.

It will also help its customers implement their own AI systems and work in collaboration with its ecosystem of partners.

Microsoft recognizes that these commitments are just the beginning and that you will need to build on them as technology and regulatory and regulatory conditions evolve.

However, the company sees this opportunity as a means to collaborate more closely with its customers on the path to responsible development and use of AI.

Antony Cook, corporate vice president and deputy general counsel at Microsoft, highlights the company’s enthusiasm for collaborating with its customers on this initiative and stresses that they are committed to working together for the responsible development and use of AI.

2023-06-08 21:12:25

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