Microsoft update to protect Edge browser users

Microsoft has unveiled a new update that enhances its attempts to protect users of its Microsoft Edge web browser from fraud, as it allows a feature to alert users if they unintentionally typed website addresses incorrectly.

And the company explained in an official statement, that the feature was added to the “Microsoft Defender SmartScreen” service, to protect users from errors when writing websites inside the “Edge” browser, which fraudsters exploit to deceive users into entering fake websites, so that malicious software is implanted inside their devices.

The new feature is that the Edge browser will show a full-screen alert to make the user make sure that the user intends to visit the link he typed, while alerting him that he has typed the wrong web address.

Microsoft relied on a collaboration between its teams for the Edge browser and the Bing search engine, to facilitate the process of spotting spelling errors in writing websites, so that the feature runs quickly and smoothly without delay.

It is noteworthy that the “Microsoft Edge” browser won the title of the second most used browser on personal computers, after beating Apple’s browser “Safari”.

According to a statistical report by Stat Counter published last May, Google Chrome still holds the first place in the most used list, with a market share of 66.64%, while in the second place is “Edge” with 10.07%, while in the center The third came “Safari” with 9.61%, while “Firefox” came fourth with 7.86%.