Microsoft Viva takes care of the employee experience in hybrid environments

It is a tool that is integrated into another of the company’s services, such as Microsoft Teams, and takes advantage of the capabilities of Sharepoint, Yammer and Office 365 to personalize and equate the remote work experience as much as possible with the face-to-face one.

The company has created this solution based on the results of a recent study conducted by IDC for Microsoft, which found that 85 percent of organizations think that a better employee experience translates into better revenue.

Microsoft has described the current situation as a ‘hybrid paradox’ because, after almost two years of transition to a job that combines face-to-face with remote work, it has changed its paradigm.

Now workers demand more flexibility, but they also ask for better face-to-face collaboration. Based on this, the technology manufacturer considers it essential to prioritize the management of the employee experience.

This need is due to the fact that the organization of the company in this sense will have an impact on attracting new employees and retaining talent. So much so that, according to IDC data, achieving a good worker-organization connection translates into an increase in employee productivity by 21 percent and higher income (11%), as well as an improvement in the customer experience ( 17%).

Likewise, organizations must know and understand the new priorities of their workers to place culture, people, at the center, as well as apply policies adapted to each case.

“In order to operate in the new hybrid environment, it is important to rethink the organization taking into account at least three key dimensions: people, spaces and processes”, explained the director of Modern Workplace at Microsoft, Antonio Cruz Cruz- Count.

The manager has insisted that, when it comes to hybrid work, “it is impossible to think of a single model that is valid for everyone: it will be different for each person, company, function and location”.


With the aim of meeting these business needs, Microsoft Viva is born, a platform of modules focused on improving the user experience and facilitating daily processes in the work environment.

This solution offers individualized information that allows work teams to identify unhealthy habits and makes them available to their managers in order to identify where to apply best practices.

This platform is made up of four large modules, each of them focused on covering a different area of ​​the company, which are Insights, Learning, Connections and Topics.

For its part, Viva Insights offers personalized information to workers so that they can control the time they spend throughout the workday and strengthen ties with teammates and bosses.

In this line, team leaders and managers can obtain recommendations to balance the productivity and well-being of their employees.

Viva Insights presents a personalized interface for each of the employees, which includes a ranking of moods and a section in which users are invited to practice relaxation and mindfulness exercises.

Viva Learning, on the other hand, improves and makes more accessible training and professional development opportunities for workers. It does this by aggregating available learning resources from an organization in one place.

In this way, users can discover techniques and share or assign them to other colleagues and keep track of the courses you take as part of your workday.

On the other hand, Viva Connections provides employees with access to internal communications and company resources, as well as policies and benefits, among others.

In this way, the company can achieve an improvement in the employee’s ‘engagement’ with its company or brand, as well as in collaboration and ‘networking’ with the rest of the company’s workers.

Finally, Viva Topics uses AI technology, which helps analyze and extract value from a user’s Microsoft 365 data, and integrates with third-party services such as ServiceNow and Salesforce.

With this module you can access a page that contains documents, conversations, videos and people related to an area or a topic you are working on.

In this way, it offers an experience that helps extract value and knowledge from employees and makes them better informed and connected with experts from the company they work for.

“Thanks to Microsoft Viva, workers have the necessary tools to stay connected to the rest of the organization, committed to the company’s objectives,” said Microsoft Modern Work specialist Jimena Moreno de Alborán.

Likewise, “managers have sufficient data on the quality of life of their teams, which results in the feeling of belonging and the operating results of the organizations”, the expert pointed out.