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Microsoft warns of another vulnerability in Windows Print Spooler

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Microsoft Discover Another vulnerability in Windows Print Spooler, until a security update arrives, the only way to defend against the defect is to make Windows computers unable to print documents.

“There is an increase in privilege vulnerabilities when Windows Print Spooler incorrectly performs privileged file operations,” the company said. “An attacker who has successfully exploited this vulnerability could run arbitrary code with system privileges. The attacker could then install programs, view, modify or delete data or create new full user accounts. “

This is the third vulnerability in Windows Print Spooler that has been discovered in recent weeks. the first, CVE-2021-1675, covered in a June 8 security update for Windows 10. The second was called PrintNightmare and affects every version of Windows, despite an emergency patch released on July 6 that should have at least partially resolve the security flaw.

Microsoft has not disclosed which versions of Windows are affected by this new vulnerability, which has been assigned the identifier CVE-2021-34481, but is “under investigation”. The company also confirmed that it is working on a security update to resolve the issue. Until this release is released, the only defense against this vulnerability is to disable Windows Print Spooler.

There is some good news: Microsoft has said that attackers can only exploit CVE-2021-34481 if they already have “the ability to execute code on the victim’s system.” The company also said that it is not aware of any effort to exploit the vulnerability, but that this is likely to change after this disclosure and does not necessarily mean that the attackers were not aware of the previous defect.

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Microsoft has provided instructions for disabling Windows Print Spooler in security update CVE-2021-34481. It is now up to Windows users to decide whether they prefer to defend their computers against the vulnerability, which is relatively difficult to exploit, or the ability to print documents.

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