Microsoft will install two data centers in the Madrid municipality of Algete

The multinational technology company Microsoft will install two data processing centers in Algete, municipality located north of Madrid, its City Council reported this Friday in a statement stating that the arrival of this international project will benefit the entire region.


The commissioning of said infrastructure is assuming “a challenge from multiple points of view”, especially technological, constructive and urban, says the City Council, and also highlights that the arrival of the company in Algete is “an excellent example of collaboration and coordination of the public and private sectors.

In fact, and given “the importance of this project” for this town in Madrid, its Consistory created months ago a specific work team and a follow-up plan with “regular and constant” meetings between both parties.

The City Council is confident that the arrival of Microsoft in Algete will mean “a boost for the economic development of the entire area”, due to the generation of Employment and richness of these facilities and because it will serve as a “pole of attraction” for new industrial and service companies.

In this way, they hope that the implementation of the company “generates a virtuous circle of activation of economic activity”.

The mayor, Juan Jesús Valle, considers that this is an “excellent strategic opportunity” for Algete, in economic terms, employment, development, wealth generation and visibility; reasons why the City Council “has put everything on its part at the level of work and collaboration”.