Microsoft is about to give a new image to its headquarters in Redmond, Washington and to show its employees how the campus that will house 18 new buildings will be, it will have a Minecraft version that they can visit whenever they want.

The company in charge of versioning the real building to the virtual world of Minecraft will be Blockworks, specialist in realizing versions of real buildings in the open world – they have already created the Disney headquarters, the London Museum and the Warner Bros. building.

As reported by CNBC, the new headquarters is expected to be ready by 2022. The reason behind this project is to create more immersive graphics than two-dimensional photos and videos. The 500-acre site that already has more than 100 buildings will be expanded with new areas, buildings and refreshing existing structures, as opposed to creating a new campus like other companies such as Alphabet, Apple and Facebook have done.

It is true that in the beginning Minecraft was created as a video game that managed to capture the attention of millions of gamers around the world, it has been shown to have uses that go beyond playing. That is why the company decided to launch an educational version for teachers to take their lessons to students in a more didactic and interactive way.

James Delaney, one of the directors of Blockworks, said that "When you build in Minecraft, you do it from the perspective of the player, constantly attentive to the scales" and that the company uses Minecraft to "Create experiences, communities and learning environments".

With respect to architecture, Delaney believes that Minecraft may be more attractive to younger generations who find it difficult to use design or CAD programs, which are not as collaborative as the video game. Consider that it is a way to democratize architecture.

Users can also access the map by entering the Minecraft: Education Edition application.


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