Microsoft works on application to record screen in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Powertoys team is working on a new screen recorder app in Windows 10.

It is hard to believe but so far Microsoft does not have an application of this type, although with the Xbox game bar you can record an application on the screen and this is done by executing the bar through the Windows key and the G key at the same time. Then all they have to do is click the record button and that’s it.

Image courtesy Windows Latest

The new application being developed by the Powertoys team is called Video GIF Capture and it can record a segment of the screen or a video in full screen. The recording can be saved as video or in GIF format.

In addition, this application will have editing controls and although for now it is known that they will be basic controls, they never hurt.

Video GIF Capture It is still in development and Microsoft is receiving feedback from any user who wants to collaborate, through the application page on Github.

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