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Source : Daniel Rubino / Android Central

JerryRigEverything’s Zack Nelson is back with yet another durability test, this time with the Microsoft Surface Duo 2. As is the case with the majority of the best foldable phones, durability is always a concern, especially given the steep prices. . This holds true even with Microsoft’s latest attempt at a foldable smartphone.

But as demonstrated throughout this durability test, Microsoft’s decision to go with dual displays hinged together over a single foldable display is better for durability. When Nelson tries to bend the phone in half, there is a fair amount of bending, but much of it is due to the plastic frame. What is impressive is that the phone does not break due to the Gorilla Glass Victus found on the device.

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Keeping the glass itself, it’s not that different from what you’ll find on the best Android phones. The glass begins to scratch at level 6 before deeper grooves appear at level 7. This is way more impressive than the level 3 scratches found on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Not to mention more impressive than anything else. remains of the best foldable phones. available today.

It’s no secret that the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is impressive hardware, even with its price tag. But even with the original Surface Duo, the software continues to hold back the device. That might change with the release of Android 12L, but we’ll have to see how it all plays out in the coming months.

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Incredibly durable

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 cropped rendering

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

The most scratch resistant foldable phone

The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 may have a new camera bump on the back and a frustrating software experience, but the hardware itself is just amazing.

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You're going to want a case for the Surface Duo to keep it looking goodYou're going to want a case for the Surface Duo to keep it looking good

Protect both screens

You’re going to want a case for the Surface Duo to keep it looking good

The options may be slim right now, but what can you expect from a first-gen device like the Microsoft Surface Duo? This dual screen monster aims to increase your productivity with a unique hinge system that we have never seen before. But do yourself a favor, get a case so that even a little dust won’t hamper your experience.