Midagri grants additional time to the company Direcagro to present a letter of guarantee

The Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) announced on Monday that the Agrorural Adjudication Committee agreed to the request of Direcagro, a Paraguayan fertilizer company, which requested an additional period to present the letter of guarantee.

As indicated in a statement, the company Direcagro made this request since its term expired this Monday, October 31, “in order to make effective the acquisition of 44 thousand tons of urea, in the coming days.”

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Six days ago, Agrorural awarded the award for the international purchase of urea to the Paraguayan company Direcagro.

This company is the fourth finalist in the fertilizer purchase process, and became effective after the Comptroller’s observations with the previous company Prime Charters International, which did not guarantee the quality of the fertilizer.