Democratic gains in the battlefield states of the president

Daniel Dale, a White House reporter for The Toronto Star, notes that "Democrats have won the races of the Senate and Governor in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, the states that were slightly ahead of Trump in 2016.

"The Democrats also dominated two Senate races and the Governor's Race in Minnesota, State of Great Lakes, where Trump almost had a surprise."

But in Florida, called Swinging Swing States, the government has remained in republican hands.

There will be a lot of experts who are particularly concerned with swing state outcomes and what it could mean for the 2020 presidential election.

But it's important to remember that after all the bubbling, Trump's name did not stand in any election. Yes, it is seen as a referendum on his presidency so far, but the results are far from a final blow against Trump or Trumpsim.

(Image: UPI / Barcroft Images)


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