Chicago's record vote brought short distances in a district in the Lincoln Park district on the north side of the city.

Heather Bennett, a 45-year-old brand merchant, did not want to say who she was voting for, but said it was important to send a message to her children. "My 15-year-old said he wanted to see this bracelet on my wrist when he comes home from school," she said.

"I do not think it matters what your affiliation is.

Vince Lerario, a 46-year-old IT manager, said he would normally vote in most elections and wanted to deliver a message with strong participation, even though the neighborhood is largely liberal and the result would come as no surprise. "I voted for the Democrats in the vote, it's just a referendum on the state of affairs."

He also said that he did some research to assist judges. "That can be just as important," he said.

In Winnetka, Ill., Elizabeth Schröder is a political independent who split her ticket this morning. She wants President Trump's authority reviewed in Washington, so she voted for a Democrat for Congress, but supported a Republican nominee for the governor because she thinks he'd rather take Illinois out of the fiscal hubbub.

"I'm concerned with gun control, I want Roe v. Wade to stay in place, and I want Obamacare to be dependent on it." "I want to see a democratic house because I want it to control the executive."

To this end, Ms Schroeder voted for Jan Schakowsky, the Democratic incumbent of the Congress.

"I do not even know if anyone ran against her," she said.

The Illinois governor's race was a harder choice. Ms. Schröder is not a fan of Republican Governor Bruce Rauner, but she believes Democratic candidate J. B. Pritzker is not doing the job justice. Mr. Pritzker, the billionaire of one of the richest families in the state, pulled the toilets out of his Chicago home to make him uninhabitable and avoid taxes.

"That's terrible," said Mrs. Schröder.

Carl Lane, a 54-year-old consultant in Winnetka, is a registered Republican who had his disgust for Mr. Trump on Tuesday.

"Simplistic, exaggerated, hyperbolic," Mr. Lane said when asked to select three words that describe the president. "Every day he embarrasses me as an American."

Mr. Lane voted for Jan Schakowsky, the Democratic incumbent of the United States, to try to limit the damage that Mr. Trump will see to America. He also voted for Republican Governor Bruce Rauner. His main concern for Illinois is the massive indebtedness of the state and the nation's worst rating.

"The pension issue is a mess," he said. "People are leaving the state and will continue unless it is resolved."

– Joe Barrett and Doug Belkin


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