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Midterms 2018: Voters Ask a federal judge to stop Brian Kemp from voting in Georgia

Shortly after five o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, five Georgian voters, represented by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Protect Democracy group, based in Washington DC, filed suit with a US district court in Atlanta to try to arrest Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp of to hold the exercise of further powers of the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as chairman of the general election of 2018, in which he himself is a candidate. "So far, Kemp has rejected numerous demands for his resignation as Secretary of State, presumably including Stacey Abrams. his Democratic opponent and also former President and Georgia-based Jimmy Carter.

Protect Democracy and its five plaintiffs seek an interim injunction that would prevent Kemp from counting votes, confirming outcomes, or "carrying out any expiration or recounting procedures that would normally be exercised by the State Secretariat or the Electoral Commission." (The Libertarian Candidate Ted Metz could win enough votes to force a ballot.) It is typical of this type of injunction to be levied on Election Day.

As a Georgian foreign minister, Kemp has been exposed to numerous allegations of voter oppression during his governing candidacy, including for his unsuccessful efforts to close the polling stations serving minority communities in South Georgia, and for the registration of 53,000 citizens in the country Holding pattern". On Friday, a federal judge suppressed a restrictive "exact match" policy that Kemp implemented, and Protect Democracy argued, "jeopardized the possibility of over three thousand individuals because their voter registrations had minor deviations with their constituents' official ID documents."

When the last lawsuit was filed against Kemp, I spoke with Katharine Wilkinson, a five-year-old Georgian and Vice President at Project Drawdown, one of Georgia's five plaintiffs, a climate change-oriented organization. "It's about fairness and integrity," Wilkinson said. "As a Georgian voter in Georgia, it was quite disturbing to see Kemp's behavior more extreme and affect voters' confidence in the state. People do not trust that the State Secretariat will be a fair referee. You really should not be a referee if you also play the game. Wilkinson continued, "When I heard about the lawsuit, the lawyers said that it's not just fairness, but that what Kemp does is breaking the law. it was natural to take a step forward and get involved. "


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