The Senate, House of Representatives, and three dozen governor posts stood for election. Where did the Democrats win? Where the republicans? All results of the Midterms in graphics.

Americans have re-elected part of the Senate, the entire House of Representatives, and three dozen governors. In these graphics, you can see where the American political map has turned democratic blue or republican red.

The results of the Senate election

In the Senate, 35 of the 100 mandates were re-elected. These charts show which states will be represented by democratic senators and where republican candidates have prevailed.

The results of the election of the House of Representatives

All 435 deputies were reappointed in the House of Representatives. For the majority, it needs 218 seats. Here is the new distribution of power:

The results of the governor elections

In 36 states, US voters have appointed new governors or confirmed incumbents. On this map you can see where Democrats and Republicans will be the heads of government in the future.



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