With less than a week of mid-term elections, the US president said he plans to abolish the law of the soil.

Migrants seeking to travel to the United States cross Suchiate River between Guatemala and Mexico on October 29.

The White House and Republicans want to hold the November 6 mid-term elections a Donald Trump plebiscite, while Democrats hope to win a majority in the House of Representatives. The correspondent of World In Washington, Gilles Paris, daily lists the main elements of the campaign.

The fact of the day

The Public Religion Research Institute's annual report on American values, released Monday (October 29th), highlights the Republican Party's evolution in immigration matters. In two years, its supporters have toughened their positions on the ban on access to the US territory of nationals of certain countries, the need for a "wall" on the border with Mexico, or the reduction of the number of refugees .

This data explains the president's desire to redo immigration a central topic of the final days of the mid-term election campaign, on November 6, to mobilize his side. After heightened alarmist statements about Central American migrants who want to flee the violence in their countries, Donald Trump raised his voice on Tuesday (October 30th), saying in an interview with Axios, which he planned to remove by decree the right of the soil to obtain US citizenship, a provision he criticizes for a long time.

"We are the only country in the world where, if a person comes and has a baby, the baby is a citizen of the United States, with all the benefits," assured Donald Trump, while other countries also recognize the right of the soil. "It's ridiculous, it must stop," he added. This announcement caused astonishment, including within his party. The speaker (Speaker) Republican of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, who does not stand for re-election, immediately expressed his doubts ….


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