9 pm: Let's go!

Good evening everyone, let's go for a night of madness. A few tweets from the morning to start

Some queued early to vote at the opening polls (here in Virginia). Everything will probably be played on participation, and Americans are not really kings of civility: in general, it turns to 60% for a presidential and 40% for midterms. This year, 36 million Americans have already voted before D-Day, a 30% increase over 2014.

The former lawyer Donald Trump voted. Michael Cohen, who is now registered as a Democrat, wrote a few days ago that these midterms "are perhaps the most important election of our lives". Just that.

Beto O'Rourke voted with the family. The rising Democrat hopes to create a surprise against Ted Cruz in Texas, but it will still be complicated (he was about 5 points behind the Republican in the polls). But a short defeat in a conservative state could serve as a springboard to get on the national scene in 2020.

Will Stacey Abrams become the first black governor in US history? All eyes are on Georgia, where she is knee-to-neck with outgoing Brian Kemp.


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