Midwives: the government justifies the difference in treatment between FPH and FPT

Asked at the beginning of April by Senator Dominique Estrosi Sassone (Alpes-Maritimes, Les Républicains) about the situation of territorial midwives, the Minister of Transformation and the Public Service replied that, within the framework of the memorandum of understanding signed on November 22, 2021 between the Ministry and three trade unions, the Government has undertaken to transpose the measure relating to the revaluation of the index grids of midwives in the hospital public service (FPH) to those in the territorial public service ( FPT). This is done by a decree of April 28, 2022, published in JO of April 30, 2022. Indeed, this text indeed proceeds to the revaluation, from April 2022, of the index grid applicable to territorial midwives. It details the index scale applicable to the members of this employment framework.

And, when the revalorization is not equivalent on certain levels to that of the civil servants of the other levels, the decree envisages the payment of a differential allowance. In this case, civil servants falling under the employment framework of territorial midwives governed by the decree of 28 August 1992 therefore benefit from a differential allowance, the gross monthly amount of which is set as follows:

  • 24.67 euros for civil servants classified at the first step of the grade of normal class midwife;
  • 49.33 euros for civil servants classified in the tenth step of the grade of midwife hors classe.

The amount of the allowance is reduced in proportion to the duration of the services performed, when the civil servants occupy a part-time job, and follows the fate of the salary in the event of part-time work and in the various cases of absence provided for statutorily. These provisions apply to remuneration due from April 2022.

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On the other hand, the memorandum of understanding of November 22, 2021, which aims in particular to reaffirm and revalorize the profession of midwife in health establishments, does not provide for an equivalent transposition for the medical practice bonus. Established by decree no. 2022-260 of February 25, 2022, this bonus in the amount of 240 euros net monthly has been paid since 1is February 2022, to hospital midwives, in order to recognize the specificity of this profession and the creation of a medical sector within health establishments. “The missions of territorial midwives, in particular within the departmental services of maternal and child protection (PMI), not being comparable to the missions of medical practice carried out by hospital midwives within health establishments, the The government does not plan to extend the benefit of the medical practice bonus to territorial midwives,” explains Amélie de Montchalin.

In addition, the revaluation of the remuneration of paramedical professionals provided for by the “Ségur de la santé” agreements resulted in the introduction of an additional index treatment (CTI) of an amount of 183 euros net monthly, recalls the Minister of Transformation and the Public Service. Since 1is October 2021, territorial public officials exercising certain functions, including those of midwife, receive this CTI if they work in certain social and medico-social establishments created or managed by the territorial authorities and their public establishments (in particular health care services home nurses (SSIAD), independent residences and establishments and services welcoming people with disabilities). With regard to the other professions, in particular those exercised within the PMI services, the Prime Minister announced, on February 18, 2022 during the Conference of professions in social and medico-social support, that the departments, with a participation financial contribution of 30% from the State, will ensure the transposition of this salary increase for the benefit, in particular, of the midwives of the PMI services.

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