Migraciones de Perú will attend 24 hours before the massive arrival of Venezuelans

Migraciones de Perú will attend 24 hours before the massive arrival of Venezuelans

Lime.- The National Superintendency of Migration of Peru will begin to attend 24 hours a day at its headquarters due to the high demand for procedures by foreigners, mostly Venezuelans who have arrived in the country in recent months, informed the agency on Saturday. The uninterrupted attention day and night will be from Monday to Saturday in the central office of Migrations, located in Lima, in the district of Breña, reviewed Efe. The procedures that will be carried out in this extended schedule are the change of migratory quality to obtain the residence, extension of residence, application for visas and temporary residence permit (PTP), a mechanism directed only to Venezuelans who entered the country on a regular basis . Foreign citizens who already had appointments reserved for one of these four procedures will have the option to reschedule them for a closer date through the Migrations website. The extension of the hours of attention of Migrations arrives a few days after the Group of Lima, composed of 14 countries of America, published the figures of the Venezuelan migration to the countries of the region, where Peru appears as the second country with the most immigrants. Venezuelans (298 thousand), after Colombia (800 thousand). According to official information, the great majority of Venezuelans arriving in Peru remain in the country with the migratory quality of tourists, which allows a maximum of a six-month stay. Only about a quarter of them have processed the PTP, which gives them residence and allows them to legally carry out activities such as working and studying.

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