Migrant detected on board of rubber boat adrift in the Mediterranean – Portugal

A Portuguese Air Force aircraft detected a vessel with a migrant aboard a rubber vessel adrift in the Mediterranean.

The discovery of the past 28 September came during an FA operation, on a mission by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency – FRONTEX, to monitor maritime borders in southern Spain.

According to a statement, the authorities found “a rubber boat adrift, with a person calling for help, in the Mediterranean Sea, 117 nautical miles (215km) east of Ceuta, Morocco”.

The aircraft concentrated its efforts on finding the nearest ship that could assist the vessel.

“The Spanish ship” DENIA CIUTAT CRIATIVA “arrived at the site about an hour and a half after the detection of the vessel and proceeded with the rescue operation, permanently coordinated by the crew of the Portuguese aircraft”, informed the Air Force.

The crew member, who had left Ceuta about 10 days ago, was dehydrated.