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Home News "Migrants are like wind turbines," she says on RTL

"Migrants are like wind turbines," she says on RTL

"I consider with Matteo Salvini, that we must stop immigration". This sentence is signed Marine Le Pen. Guest at the RTL Grand Jury, Le Figaro, LCI Sunday, April 14, the President of the National Gathering said: "Migrants are like wind turbines. Everyone agrees that there is, but nobody wants it to be next to him".

The member for Pas-de-Calais recalled being "perfectly opposed (…) to the forced relocation of migrants in countries that do not wish to welcome them. We must master our national borders".

Marine Le Pen took the example of the migration policy applied by Matteo Salvini in Italy. "Since it no longer accepts the number of migrants in Italy, the number of landings has dropped dramatically (…) He managed to obtain something that should please all humanists: the decline in the number of deaths in the Mediterranean off Italy ".

He added: "This is the policy that needs to be implemented: (…) migrants must be secure and brought back to their country and not to the shores of Europe".

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