Migrants from Rūdninkai will be taken to the premises of the Kybartai Correctional Facility: decisions were made in secret

The existence of such plans has been confirmed by Delfi from three unrelated sources.

“To our knowledge, the convicts will be removed by October 1. There are now close to 300 of them, ”said the person who agreed to communicate anonymously with Delfi.

According to the source, instead of convicts, it is planned to accommodate migrants there.

“As far as we understand, they will not be able to spend the winter in those tents. Searching for places, closing the institution. There are dormitory-type living quarters, ”he said.

According to the source, officials feel bad about such decisions, and how they were made.

“Everything is hidden, no one talks to anyone. Everything happened very quickly. No one knew anything, in the morning came the Commission of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Justice. Here they walked and decided.

Officials who want can retire, who wants, can retire, who wants, can go somewhere else to work. Nobody cares about that, ”said the interlocutor.

According to the source, there was talk that officials could protect the migrants, but this was not accepted by the Prisons Department.

“The commander of the border guards said that we would keep those officers, let them protect (migrants). But the Prisons Department said sternly, “No, we won’t give people.” That is the situation, “he said.
As early as 2018, it was announced that the Government was preparing to consider optimizing the facilities of the prison system.

Secrecy raises tensions

Dainius Gaižauskas, a member of the Seimas from the Lithuanian Peasants’ Green Union faction, also confirmed that the secrecy of this operation itself is causing tensions among the employees of the institution.

“It raises a lot of questions and doubts, is this Government planning anything at all, is it determined to work transparently? Checking the information, the staff confirmed to me that a list is already being compiled about the number of correctional homes that will be moved to Marijampolė, later people will also be removed from Marijampolė, and the rest will be scattered in Kybartai, ”said D. Gaižauskas.

According to the parliamentarian, the institutions there, which use certain premises, also do not know anything yet.

“I will have to reorient the activities urgently, and move out of the premises somewhere. There is also a department of the vocational training center, etc., ”said D. Gaižauskas.

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According to the parliamentarian, Vilkaviškis district municipality does not know anything at all.

“And already the process has started, we know that certain staff who guarded the convicts in the correctional facility will now have to reorient. In a word, the plan is being made something, but for some reason – absolutely secretly, and no one knows anything about it, ”said D. Gaižauskas.

The Ministry of the Interior confirmed the message

The message was soon confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior.

According to a press release, the ministry, looking for a solution to relocate migrants from the summer Rūdninkai campsite during the cold season, assessed several dozen empty unused buildings on Turto bankas’ accounts. However, none of them are adapted to the independent living of such a large number of people, and their infrastructure is not suitable for security. Therefore, in agreement with the Ministry of Justice, it was decided that the migrants would be relocated to the Kybartai Correctional Facility, which is being prepared for closure and is close to the border but away from the settlement.

The mayor of Vilkaviškis district municipality was informed about this decision. The premises were also evaluated by Red Cross experts.

“When the weather is cold and the winter season is approaching, saving people from colds and colds – quick solutions are needed. We found them – first of all, migrants accommodated in the Rūdninkai camp will be taken care of, because the conditions here are probably the worst of all temporary migrant centers established in Lithuania. We will also provide warmer accommodation for children and women. In the cold season, we will ensure adequate accommodation for foreigners who have crossed the state border illegally until their asylum applications are processed, ”says Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaly Dmitrijev.

To ensure the accommodation needs of migrants, Kybartai has a developed infrastructure – the territory of the correctional facility has a heating system, electricity, internet connection, water and hot food, and a medical point.

The Kybartai Correctional Home is equipped with leisure facilities – a library, a craft center, a gym, and sports grounds and basketball courts are available in the open correctional home area.

According to the reorganization of the penitentiary system of the Ministry of Justice, part of the institutions unsuitable for penitentiary activities, including the Kybartai Correctional Facility, were to be handed over to the Property Bank, ie for the needs of the state. Convicts living there will, as planned, be transferred to the nearest correctional facilities, where there are enough places available to serve their sentence. The Department of Prisons will ensure that the jobs of all working officers are maintained, meeting the needs and expectations

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If the migrants move to the buildings in Kybartai, the regime of prisons will not be applied – their accommodation and protection will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Legal Status of Aliens.

The vacancy of the accommodation in Kybartai will take place in accordance with the action plan approved jointly by the Ministries of the Interior and Justice. At the same time, after the removal of migrants from Rūdininkai, modular houses will be built in the camp – the camp in Rūdninkai will be reorganized.

We remind you that in Medininkai, in the territory of the Border Guard School, all the necessary infrastructure for the accommodation of migrants is also being intensively developed. Some migrants from border barriers and other temporary accommodation have already been moved from tents to modular houses in Medininkai.

The Medininkai camp currently houses 350 migrants, mostly from the most vulnerable social groups. Modular cottages can accommodate families of up to 4 people – each cottage is equipped with heating, all the necessary household and hygiene facilities.

The Rukla Refugee Center is also home to 219 foreigners in modular cabins. 50 modular houses were built at the Padvarioniai firewall with the support of Austria.

It is expected that during September, all migrants from border barriers and other temporary accommodation will be relocated to modular shelters, providing them with all the necessary living and hygiene conditions.

Accommodation issues for the most vulnerable are coordinated with the Ministry of Social Security and Labor.

Told more about the office

The report was also circulated by the Ministry of Justice. As it is written, the Ministry has made a decision in response to the request of the Ministry of the Interior and the expectations of the Government to transfer the infrastructure of the Marijampolė Correctional Facility Division of the Ministry of the Interior in Kybartai.

“The Ministry of Justice points out that the premises of the above-mentioned correctional facility unit are of the dormitory type, they are not used effectively and do not meet the expectations and requirements set for the modern prison. Dormitory-type premises complicate the resocialization of convicts, as well as create preconditions for the existence of a criminal subculture. To date, it has detained about 290 convicts. Part of the convicts will be continued in the Marijampolė Correctional Facility, the other part will be distributed to continue the sentence in other prisons, where there are enough vacancies, ”the report reads.

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An inter-institutional action plan is currently being prepared, involving other institutions such as the Public Security Service and the Police Department, which will ensure the safe escorting of convicted persons and their personal belongings to other correctional facilities.

“The transfer of the premises will take place in accordance with the approved plan of measures, which provides for the preservation of the jobs of officials and persons working in the Kybartai unit in any correctional institution or in a statutory organization subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior. Currently, there is an active dialogue with trade union representatives and heads of institutions, which will also contribute to the implementation of the approved plan, as well as the conditional release procedures and the use of half-way homes are being activated, ”the ministry announces.

It was previously planned to reorganize the correctional facility

The resolution provided for the connection of the Kybartai Correctional Facility to the Marijampolė Correctional Facility and the connection of the Kaunas Juvenile Detention Center to the Kaunas Detention Center.

Vitaly Dmitriev

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Mild and asymptomatic illegal migrants are transported from hospitals or the Aliens Registration Center in Pabradė to hospitals. There are three institutions for their care: Rokiškis Psychiatric Hospital, Švenčionys and Prisons Hospital.

Some migrants still live in border barriers, some in the camp at Rūdninkai landfill, and women and children are already being taken to the town of modular houses in Medininkai.

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