Migrants, MSF and SOS Méditerranée announce the stop to the activities of the Aquarius – TGCOM ship


Migrants, Msf and Sos Méditerranée announce the stop to the activities of the Aquarius ship

The NGOs Msf and Sos Méditerranée have announced the end of the activities of the ship Aquarius for the rescue of migrants. The decision came "after two months in port in Marseille without being able to get a flag and while men, women and children continue to die at sea"A" painful but unfortunately obliged choice that will leave in the Mediterranean more avoidable deaths, without any witness", said Claudia Lodesani of Msf.

"In a growing climate of criminalization of migrants and those who help them lose sight of the very principle of humanity, "the Lodesani pointed out, adding:" As long as people continue to die at sea or suffer terrible suffering in Libya, we will look for new ways to provide them with humanitarian assistance and medical care they desperately need. "From 2016 to today, operations conducted by the Aquarius have enabled save over 30 thousand people.

In the last two months, "with desperate people who continue to flee in the long sea the most lethal migration route in the world, the Aquarius ship has been stuck in port, unable to carry out its humanitarian life-saving action, "reads a statement." It is the result of the prolonged campaign launched by the Italian government and supported by other European states, to delegitimize, defame and hinder humanitarian organizations committed to helping vulnerable people in the Mediterranean ".

"It's a dark day"Said Gabriele Eminente, Director General of MSF. "Not only has Europe failed to guarantee the necessary search and rescue capacity, it has also sabotaged those who tried to save lives".



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