Migrants: Pope Francis deplores the tragedies of Texas and Morocco

In a message sent on Twitter on June 28, 2022, Pope Francis reacted to the deaths of 79 migrants, 46 of them in Texas in the United States and 23 others on the border between Morocco and Spain. He expressed his “sorrow” at the tragic passing of those “brothers who died pursuing the hope of a better life”.

The pontiff called to pray for the souls of the missing. He also asked everyone to open their hearts to the reality of migration so that “these misfortunes do not happen again”.

On June 27 in San Antonio, Texas, 46 bodies of migrants were discovered in the trailer of a truck. Only 16 migrants survived the high temperatures which led to the death of other passengers who were trying to enter American territory and three people were arrested.

Three days earlier, on June 24, 23 migrants of African origin died near Nador (Morocco), along with two police officers, during a massive incursion of around 2,000 migrants trying to enter the Spanish enclave from Melilla. Sixty-five migrants were arrested by Moroccan police.

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