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Migrants travel 'by hitchhiking' last stretch to get to CDMX


In the last stretch to get to Mexico City, most of the members of the Migrant Caravan they have done it in vehicles, despite the risk it represents walk on roads and sleep where they can.

They do not cease in their attempt to reach the United States together with their children.

Yes, we come because we are in danger in Honduras, we continue the Caravan, it has been hard because we have not been transported at all and we have been tired, "said Osilis, one of the Central American migrants.

Well it has been a bit difficult because we have endured rain, sun, cold, but the truth has been good with one because we have not suffered from hunger. They have given us food, they have treated us well, but sometimes we have been left in the street because we have nowhere to stay. We already got the water, "he added.

Demonstrators take booth of the Mexico-Cuernavaca

They have been walking for three weeks, and despite the announcements that they will not be allowed to enter the neighboring northern country, they hope to enter

May they help us because we have been fleeing our country because of the violence and extortion we have, "added Angela Aldana.

They call extreme care of the water for 'strong contingency'

While Elvin Perdomo, a migrant from Honduras commented "very hard, but that is how we come. You have to suffer, one with patience, because it is always hard, a slight cough has hit you, but there we go ".

The inclemency of time It has already caused diseases mainly with children, so in the vicinity of the Mexico-Puebla highway human rights and medical care tents were established to provide support to migrants who hope to meet this Wednesday at the Basilica of Guadalupe, to continue together on their way to the United States.




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