Mika at the Philharmonie de Paris: full box for his symphonic concert, at the same time as The Voice

You had to hurry to hope to attend Mika concerts this weekend. The singer put on sale several months ago now tickets for the Philharmonie de Paris, which were all bought at high speed. It happened for the first time on Saturday 23 October 2021 before a second show expected this Sunday evening. And for these exceptional meetings, Mika went all out! Indeed, the 38-year-old artist had the idea of revisit some of his greatest hits such as Grace Kelly Where Love Today in a symphonic way. The opportunity for him to mix his pop side with his love for the classic, he who cut his teeth at the Royal College of Music in London.

On stage, he is accompanied by a symphony orchestra composed of a hundred musicians and a choir of fifty singers. Several years of work were required to set up such a project and Mika took care to surround himself with the best. It’s been seven years since I matured this project with Quebec musician Simon Leclerc, he stressed in an interview with the JDD released this October 24. We re-orchestrated everything and reworked it in depth. The difficulty was to recreate the original groove with bassoons, flutes and cellos.

The bet was risky therefore, but quite successful! Indeed, Mika fans from all over the world, “du Japan to Poland“, were not disappointed with the show.”You realize that they have rented a riverboat to be all together? They were the first to rush when the seats went on sale. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?“, moved the singer.

In concert and coach on TF1 at the same time!

Those who did not have the chance to see him live at the Philharmonie de Paris on Saturday – which was adapted and will be broadcast on France Télévisions – could nevertheless find him on TF1 during the final of The Voice All Stars. For him to attend the conclusion of this unprecedented edition of the program which ended with the coronation of Anne Sila, it was decided to record the services of each candidate the day before, Friday. Only the results of the votes were then live with a duplex Mika from his dressing room.