Mikhailov: CSKA has someone to work with, so Nikitin is not in the Russian team

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Two-time Olympic champion Boris Mikhailov shared his impressions of yesterday's victory of CSKA in the “army” derby, and also explained why the head coach of Muscovites Igor Nikitin was not summoned to the headquarters of the Russian national team for the first stage of the Euro Tour.

“I can say that in the physical plane and in skating, CSKA beat the“ army team ”from the Neva. We were faster and more mobile. And in the end, our forwards were more accurate than the SKA attackers. I would not say that now CSKA looks much stronger than St. Petersburg team-mates. The reason for the victory lies in the fact that the team Nikitin approached this game in the best physical condition.

Why Igor Valerievich not called to the headquarters of the national team? Because CSKA left the players with whom to work. Similarly, Alexey Kudashov remained in the SKA, ”Mikhailov said in an interview with the Championship correspondent Vladislav Utkin.

I. Nikitin – about not calling to the Russian national team: we are dependent people


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