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Miki did not improve the audience of Amaia and Alfred either

The 64th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, which this Saturday aired on TVE, was the most watched of the day with 5,449,000 viewers and a 'share' of 36.7%. The votes of the festival were the most frequent space, with 6,148,000 people (44.6%). These data turned the public channel into the leader of the day with an average quota of 19.7% and prevailed in prime time (31.2%) and late night (36.6%).

The performance of Miki, at 23:04 hours, followed by 6,930,000 viewers (40.9%). With respect to the previous year it increases in 700,000 spectators. At 23:07 there was the "golden minute" of the day, with an average of 7,208,000 viewers and a 42.2% share, at 23:07 hours.

Up to 13,057,000 people followed at some point the Eurovision final in which the Netherlands won with the performance of Ducan Laurence and the ballad 'Arcade'. The data assumes that 29% of the population has accompanied La 1 on the Eurovision night.

Although the data far exceeds the average audience of the public network, these fail to exceed those of the 2018 edition, which also involved the triumphant Amaia and Alfred. On that occasion TVE attracted 7,170,000 spectators.

After the festival, 'Journey to the center of the TV' offered a special on Eurovision that brought together 1,446,000 viewers, 20.9%, and led its slot. Up to 3.296.000 spectators followed some moment of this special one.

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