Mila Ximénez, as a young woman: her parties as an icon of Marbella

Very sad news: Mila Ximénez has died at the age of 69 due to lung cancer when just a year ago he had announced on television that he suffered from this horrible disease. Accustomed to seeing it on Telecinco and in magazines, some will not remember that the youth of the sadly disappeared collaborator of ‘Save me’ it featured gripping chapters.

One of the most fascinating times of the unforgettable gathering was that of the essential guest of the society parties of the 80s and 90s. Aristocrats, businessmen, artists of all kinds and ‘bon vivants’ met in some private parties of printing they marked the golden age of Marbella. Mila acted like nobody else as a muse, organizer and assiduous of that endless festival with ultra-tanned faces and full of sequins.

From party to party

Mila arrived at the Costa del Sol by the hand of Manolo Santana and he lived it more intensely with Antonio Arribas, her first partner after their separation. The ‘playboy’ opened the doors of glamor and debauchery. It was a time of continuous parties for the Marbella jet set that Ximénez always remembered with longing: “I would get up and go with Alba and my friend Gloria Andión to the Tennis Club, then we would eat and, in the afternoon, we would go to the Marbella Club, where Jaime de Mora was there. At night he would meet Lolita and the people for dinner. That was my daily life in Marbella. ” A carefree time that, in Mila’s words, “the problems, for me, were something super distant”

Those saraos took place in emblematic venues such as “Marbella Club”, “Marisa” or “Los Choris”. Lola Flores, Sean Connery, The Duchess of Alba or the essential Alfonso Hohenlohe, Gunilla Von Bismark and Princess Soraya paraded there. Sevillanas, whiskeys, bottles of champagne, zapateados and fleeting romances were our bread every night in that unrepeatable time of Puerto Banús.

Radio success with Encarna Sánchez


Mila Ximénez acted as queen of the party and, at the same time, as official chronicler of what was happening there. Those were the times of his friendship with Encarna Sánchez and hea Sevillian recounted all the jet-set gossip on her famous stretcher table in “Directly Encarna”. In those days he also performed applause interviews for ABC newspaper, where he had a weekly section called “Café con Mila”. Characters of the stature of Leonard Cohen, Plácido Domingo, Boris Becker, Miguel Bosé and Pedro Almodóvar passed through there.

Drugs and ruin: “I lost the helm of my life”



The endless debauchery of the Marbella nights ended up taking its toll on Mila, who acknowledges that those years were a bacchanal of alcohol and drug use. At the end of the 90s, Marbella was totally devalued by the management of Jesús Gil and Mila found herself in ruin after breaking up professionally with Encarna Sánchez. Financial problems, increased by bad habits, led him to the hardest moment of his life: the loss of custody of his daughter Alba. “I lost the helm of my life. I lived in houses that were leaving me, but I don’t remember how I got in or how I got out ”, he recalled in ‘Big Brother’. “I would go to Puerta del Sol and sell silver, furs. He was so badly off money that he practically lived in a car, “he said.

Media revival in ‘Here Hay Tomate’


The public decline led Mila to meet with undesirable friends, such as the false lawyer Emilio Rodríguez Menéndez. The last years of the 90’s were very dark in the biography of the collaborator. However, by grace of ‘Aqui Hay Tomate’ it had an unexpected media rebirth. She appeared in the historic program of heart unmasking Isabel Pantoja and since then she has become an essential character on television for the last twenty years: ‘Crónicas Marcianas’, ‘A Tu Lado’ and ‘Sálvame’ gave Mila back the splendor of yesteryear and the eternal affection of the public.