Milagros Lambert, the art activist from Xàbia, dies at the age of 92

  • Heiress to a saga of Franco-Swiss artists who have established themselves in the municipality since the 1920s, in 2016 she was named Favorite Daughter

Milagros Lambert in a recent image and around 1950.

The city council has communicated this Thursday with understandable affliction the death at the age of 92 of Milagros Lambert Kostrinsky, Favorite Daughter of Xàbia. Heiress to a saga of Franco-Swiss artists who settled in the municipality in 1920, Lambert was always in love with this population, with whom she collaborated in a transcendental way in the different actions and exhibitions to disseminate the artistic legacy of her father and grandfather. .

Great defender of culture and art, she has taken the name of Xàbia beyond the regional borders in her different facets as an artist, editor and entrepreneur, maintaining her link with the town through the estate that the family has in Portitxol .

Milagros Lambert was born in Xàbia on April 19, 1930 into a family of artists. Surrounded by art books and drawings, she soon became interested in art and created her first paintings, later entering the Superior School of Fine Arts in Paris. Between 1953 and 1959 she held exhibitions, some joint with works by her grandfather, André Louis Lambert Perret, and her father, Andrés Lambert Jordan.

In the mid-60s, he immersed himself in the illustration of children’s books, which led him to obtain the Bologna International Illustration Award. He later created his own publishing house, also a four-time winner of the Bologna Ragazzi Prize. Another professional recognition was the award from the Ministry of Culture of South Korea, for his books.

Xàbia imposes on Milagros Lambert the medal of Favorite Daughter

In 2016 she was named Favorite Daughter of Xàbia by unanimous plenary agreement after two years before the municipality hosted an anthological exhibition of her work. As a sign of mourning, a minute of silence will be observed tomorrow before the plenary session of the corporation.

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