The Swedish champion to “Strip the news:” In the derby it was tough. The Sanremo Festival? For now I’m focused on the matches “

Another “Golden Tapir” for Zlatan Ibrahimovic: for the sixth time in his long career, the 39-year-old Swedish champion has received the “cult” object that “Striscia la storia” reserves for those who are the protagonists of a bad day. Intercepted in Milan by Valerio Staffelli, the Swedish champion of Milan spoke of the derby lost 3-0 to Inter: “It was hard. We made many mistakes, but we will recover. At the next match I go with the Tapiro, maybe it brings luck. “.


Next week Ibrahimovic will be a guest at the Sanremo Festival, a participation that has already begun to raise some controversy among the Rossoneri fans and the professionals, given the moment of Milan: “For now I am focused on the matches”, Zlatan’s dry reply . The service will be broadcast this evening in Striscia la Notizia (Channel 5, 8.35 pm).


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