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Home World Milan, legionella emergency: 94 year old dies, is the second victim

Milan, legionella emergency: 94 year old dies, is the second victim

Milan, legionella emergency: 94 year old dies, is the second victim

The emergency budget is exacerbated legionella in Bresso, in Milanese. A 94-year-old woman died while a man of the same age died on Tuesday. They did not make it for the complications that occurred after contracting the bacterium. Up to 17 confirmed cases of infection. To confirm the "critical" situation is the regional councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera who explained that one was activated Task Force.

"Today there is a critical situation, a legionella epidemic, 17 people affected and two dead", Gallera said at the margins of the hospital safety table." We immediately started a task force to identify the source of the pathogen, "said the councilor, recalling some important precautions to avoid the contagion:" Clean the filters of the faucets, let the water run and open the windows when you have a hot shower and clean the basins of stagnant water very well, because the legionella is not transmitted by drinking water or personal contact, but by inhalation".

The results of the health analyzes are awaited – Both deaths were recorded at the Bassini hospital in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan), where some of the patients affected by legionellosis are also hospitalized, while others are in the Niguarda hospital in the Lombardy capital. For Friday, the results of health analyzes are expected, conducted by the health and health prevention department of the Ats of the Metropolitan City of Milan. The drinking water consortium has already sampled 13 different points of the city, with negative results compared to the presence of the bacterium.

Reclamation in condominiums where the cases occurred – Meanwhile, the City of Bresso led by the mayor Simone Cairo has set up a working table with the administrators of the condominiums in which cases of legionella have occurred to agree the necessary sanitation and reclamation interventions. He also drew up a code of conduct for citizens. Rules also re-launched by Councilor Gallera.

In 2014 there was another legionella emergency – In Bresso it is not the first time that a legionella epidemic has exploded: in 2014 there was a similar situation. In that case the cases of infection were six of which one mortal. However, the epidemic developed over a period of months, while now in a few days. The first cases were in fact reported to the Ats about a week ago.


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