Milan train strike confirmed: timetables

The train strike scheduled for Friday 22 April has been confirmed. This is a national event which will also involve Trenitalia and Trenord companies. “Salvo”, on the other hand, is local public transport (therefore ATM vehicles in Milan, which could instead stop on Thursday 28 April).

Trenord train timetables for the strike of 22 April

Trenord has communicated with a note the scheduled times for its service. “We warn – they write – that from 00:01 to 21 of Friday 22 April, the Al Cobas organization has proclaimed a general strike of all public and private categories. Considering the membership data in similar and previous proclamations, not interruptions to railway traffic in Lombardy are expected. On the other hand, there may be sporadic cancellations of trains which will be promptly communicated “.

“It is therefore advisable, before setting off, to check the traffic trend in real-time on the Trenord app by selecting the train of interest. At the station, pay attention to the monitors and sound announcements”, concludes the company.

The Trenitalia train timetable for the strike

Trenitalia also relied on a press release to inform passengers. “From 00.01 to 21 on Friday 22 April 2022 – they write – a national strike was called by the staff of the FS Italiane Group. There are no changes to the circulation of long-distance trains. For regional trains, the essential services provided for in in case of strike on weekdays from 6 to 9 and from 18 to 21. The trade union agitation may involve changes to the service even before the start and after its conclusion. For information, the toll-free number 800 is also active 89 20 21 “.

Trenitalia then writes about the minimum guaranteed services in the event of a strike: “On strike days Trenitalia ensures minimum transport services, shown below, prepared following agreements with the trade unions, deemed suitable by the Guarantee Commission for implementation of Law 146/1990. Since unforeseeable changes could occur in the course of a strike (eg: modification of the itinerary for long-distance trains), it is important to pay the utmost attention to the notices disseminated in the stations and by the media ” .

The trains that are on their way after the strike has begun, however, arrive at their final destination if it can be reached within an hour of the start of the trade union unrest; after this period, trains can stop in stations preceding their final destination.

National trains guaranteed in the event of a strike