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Milestone when Italians avoid mouth protection

by archyw

Now Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi can take off his mouth guard outdoors.

Photo: Roberto Monaldo / AP / TT

Italy was the first European country to be hit hard by the pandemic in February last year. But now the requirement to wear mouth guards outdoors is abolished and the risk of covid-19 is classified as low throughout the country.

Pictures of military vehicles transporting coffins from the hard-hit Bergamo contributed to Italy becoming a symbol of the corona crisis in Europe. But in recent weeks, the number of new virus cases as well as deaths has dropped.

One third of the population over the age of twelve has been vaccinated. In addition, tourists from the EU, the UK, Canada and Japan have returned since the government abolished the quarantine requirement for vaccinated or newly tested visitors.

But Health Minister Roberto Speranza calls for caution – especially given the virus variants that are spreading around the world.

“The battle has not yet been won,” he wrote in a comment.


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