Milik: “Not the Marseille I want to see in every match” – Interview

Arkadiusz, what about your defeat tonight?

Arkadiusz Belongs: “It was very hard, especially for 20 minutes for us. It looked like we weren’t on the pitch, we took two goals. It was a very tough game, we expected it, but we were prepared to play our game, how we were going to play, control the game and create opportunities to score and win. It was our goal, to come here and win to be in a good position. It’s football, they were very good today. They were determined, enraged, hungry. They deserve to win tonight“.

What did you miss in this match and in the European campaign?

A.M. : “We have a very good team. I think we put ourselves in a delicate position by taking only 4 points before this match. The situation was not good, to go to Turkey with just 4 points. We had to win tonight, we had no other option. We expected a tough game, but we could have done better tonight, playing our football. It was not the Marseille that we wanted to see during the 45 minutes, this Marseille that I want to see in every match. What more can I say, I am disappointed, we are out of Europe. It’s hard to say something, but the next game is Sunday and there’s nothing more we can do than prepare and be ready to win.“.

What about the Conference League, can it be a goal or is it too small a competition?

A.M. : “It’s not for me to decide, I’m a football player and in every match I try to give myself 100%. By winning against Moscow, we will have the possibility of playing in the Conference League. We always have something thing to play, all games are important. But like I said I’m just a pro footballer and I just want to give myself 100%, that’s my goal. I don’t think about that now, we have another game on Sunday“.

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