Military agreement; In Sudan, 12 ministers resigned

Twelve Sudanese ministers have resigned in protest of a deal with a military council. Abdullah Hamduk, who has returned to the post of Prime Minister, has resigned. Hamdouk was reinstated as prime minister by the military on Sunday, ending a month – long political uncertainty in the African nation of Sudan.

Army Chief Jan. The agreement was signed with Abdul Fattah Al Burhan. Although Karr was welcomed by the international community, pro-democracy activists in Sudan rejected the coup as an attempt to legitimize the coup. They also demanded that the military not be part of the future Sudanese government.

Al-Burhan overthrew the caretaker government on October 25. Ministers in the interim government have resigned. The military action sparked widespread protests across the country, killing at least 41 people.

eng­lish sum­ma­ry; In Sudan, 12 min­is­ters resigned

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