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Home News Military suspends curfew in Sudan | TIME ONLINE

Military suspends curfew in Sudan | TIME ONLINE

in the sudan The ongoing protests from the opposition have led to concessions by the new chairman of the Transitional Military Council, Abdel Fattah Burhan. Burhan picked up the nocturnal curfew imposed by his predecessor. In addition, the political prisoners arrested during the state of emergency would be released. Burhan also announced that those responsible for the death of protesters would be brought to justice.

The backing was received by the new military government from the regional power of Saudi Arabia. According to a report from the state news agency SPA, the Kingdom said it supported the actions of the Military Council in Khartoum and would provide relief supplies, including oil products, wheat and medicines. The United Arab Emirates also offered talks on relief supplies and welcomed the appointment of General Abdel Fattah Burhan as head of the Sudanese military council.

The leader of the Transitional Council reaffirmed the intention of the military leadership to hand over power to a civilian government within a maximum of two years. The power apparatus of the deposed President Omar al-Bashir he would "root out". At the same time Burhan called for dialogue with oppositional and
civil society groups. He tried to be close to the people
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Show networks.

Opposition groups and protesters, however, continue to adhere to their call for an immediate transfer of power. The Opposition Alliance Declaration of Freedom and Change again called for a complete civilian transitional government.

The Alliance includes several opposition groups, including the SPA, which has been a driving force behind the mass protests of recent months. One can not accept that representatives of the old regime remained in office, said Mukhtar al-Chatib of the Communist Party. However, they want to meet with the Transitional Council to discuss a change to democracy, said Salah Sanhori of the Baath Party.

Warning of collisions

Last Thursday, former Defense Minister Awad Ibn launched a coup against head of state Omar al-Bashir and deposed the long-time ruler. He took over the chairmanship of a newly formed military council and announced a political reorganization. However, first of all, the military government led by him should have the say; Ibn Auf spoke of a transitional period of two years. After his appointment Ibn Auf had also the dissolution of the parliament as well as a state of emergency and a curfew imposed.

Once again, thousands of demonstrators and opposition groups took to the streets against Ibn Aufs' swearing-in. They saw the military government headed by Ibn Auf as merely a remake of the old leadership and demanded a real change of power. Ibn Auf had then surprisingly resigned on Friday evening, which was greeted by protesters in Khartoum with cheers.

Warning of "deeper chaos"

With the change at the head of the transitional council, the military leadership had probably speculated that the protests would abate. This seems unlikely at the moment. If the military leadership does not quickly hand over power to civilian forces, people would continue to protest, the non-governmental organization International Crisis Group warned; this increases the risk of clashes "that could plunge the country into deeper chaos".

The trigger for mass protests in Sudan in December 2018 was an increase in gasoline and bread prices. There is a severe economic crisis in the country. The protests were directed against authoritarian president Al-Bashir, who was in power for 30 years.

Since last Saturday, the demonstrations had come to a head in the tens of thousands of people in front of the military headquarters and residence of Al-Bashir in Khartoum. Thousands of demonstrators were arrested. According to the UN Human Rights Bureau, up to 70 people have died in the protests since December.



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