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Head over heels

“Personally, I am convinced of the food commandments that the rule prohibiting the mixing of milk and blood. Milk is a gift, blood is violence. That’s what makes sense to me in today’s world. And for my part, I don’t want to take anything by force. In other words: Right, I don’t eat meat. “

Seema Dahami is a city gardener: She designs London roof gardens, balconies, bay windows and other green niches in the big city – including traffic islands. It plans, plants and weeds, tends and brings to bloom.

Seema Dahami wages a positional war with her Orthodox mother over appearance, religion and diet: Atheist Seema is a vegetarian, her Jewish mother is kosher. Seema then meets an elegant older man named Lazaro, who engages them in a stimulating conversation. What if she takes a drag from his exquisite opium pipe? The trade in the poison of the poppy seeds has a historical tradition in her family. In addition, Seema is an adult. And Lazaro also holds out the prospect of a tempting gardening job. But who really is Lazaro, and what does he actually want from her?

“Anyone looking for stories that transcend the genre will be delighted with Liza Cody.”
The mirror

Foreword by the editor

Liza Cody’s crime novels are like journeys with an extremely uncertain route, excursions into parallel realities, whose warm and lively realism helps to follow this gifted but hyper-self-willed narrator in her jumps and mind games.

Even Milk or blood starts very down to earth in the here and now of today’s Brexit England. Seema, twenty-seven, self-employed, first-person narrator of this story, slips into a strange adventure, gets entangled in daydream-like escapades and ends up in an impenetrable thicket of incompatible world and life views. Like a serious illness, Seema is attacked by a symptom of our present: so-called truths, interpretations and standards force themselves on her from all sides. They build on their longings and dreams, on tradition, on peer pressure and unmanageable sets of rules. And since Seema is constantly struggling with the need to finally belong somewhere and be recognized, reason fights with feeling, knowledge with wishes, reason with hope. Because what she experiences is bizarre.

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Milk or blood: a burlesque, a wild ride through genres and scenarios, a natural narrative about principles, belief and superstition. And a thriller about promises of happiness. Because people make their own story, even if not of their own free will. Head over heels. Or?

Else Laudan

Liza Cody studied art at the Royal Academy and worked as a roadie, photographer, painter, cabinet maker and wax museum before she started writing. Together with Sara Paretsky, she was one of the pioneers of feminist crime thrillers who successfully cast strong women in the genre for the first time. In the nineties she wrote the world-famous bucket nut trilogy about catcher Eva Wylie, for which she a. got the Silver Dagger (German title: What she does not kill, Eva sees red, Eva reaches too). Numerous other novels followed, always playing with the genre of crime fiction and restlessly stretching and exceeding their limits. For Lady Bag, Cody received the German Krimipreis in 2015, in 2017 for Miss Terry, and in 2019 the Radio Bremen Krimipreis for the ballad of a forgotten dead and for her life’s work.